I think a lot of people who were building, coding and socially connecting on the internet in the mid 90s – early 2000s have a very different approach in terms of interaction with both content and people. For me, the internet isn’t stressful as much as it is overly performative. I’ve learned to live with its deficiencies. It would be a lie to say I thought it wouldn’t get this political and corporate, but what I did not forsee was the way it would affect people so deeply at so many levels. TV came to change everything, but the difference has been the immediate exchange of information. Culture bias is nothing menial, and we are somehow expected to understand it in every single one of its representations. That and how there are so many emotions running amock due to all the systematic failings of our times – it’s a monster alright. This wouldn’t be a problem if there was a genuine willingness to get anything done. But for some reason, we are not creatures of habit in that regard. Lagging. As fast as this ship sails, it lags, and we –as a species, as a machine, as communities– lag with it.

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